Unbecoming to Become

Hello everyone… happy new year😦😦sorry i know its not early but its not late either..😉😉..

I believe we all ended 2016 well, sure thats why we are here reading this. For me 2016 has been my best year so far.. Dnt be in rush.. i will give you all the gist.

God has been so good to me, im amazed each day of my life.i think hes been partial in loving me 😃😃😃😃.

The last quarter of 2016 to be precise, my being was longing for nothing but a change. Change in what? Change in my person, i was tired of being the me i know myself to be, i was tired of being unhappy and depressed when things dont go my way, i was tired of being in a shell.

Days went bye and two scriptures popped up in me..

*Pursue peace with all men*

*And now oh lord, glorify me with your own self and with the glory i had in you before the world was*.

I whispered a prayer to heavens and then i realized for me to become me i will have to unbecome all i wasnt meant to be.

Just when the first scripture decided to work in me, i see life differently now, i try to view life the way others do,the me factor left without me noticing it did.. 

When scripture two decided to act i saw myself unbecoming to become. 

Someone said to me, joy it doesnt matter how long it takes that which you need exist so dont settle for anything less. Most importantly i see myself now as God sees me. In the words of Myles Munreo.. * Your potiential is as good as Goda potiential because when God wanted you he spoke to himself*.

Is the change easy? No i tell you but unbecoming is worth it to become.

Moral of it all…

Dnt stress yourself trying to figure out what your life will be ,submit your will to Gods will and you will be a suprise to yourself.

I hope we all have a beautiful 2017..😘😘


Life Lessons👌👌👌

Life they said is the best teacher.
Life they said is unpredictable. Life they said isnt appreciated enough despite the fact that it has produced the best teachers and students.(Humans teach Humans).

Just having those headsets on, a quick journey down the past, wishing someone had told me somethings earlier about Life but thankful i got the message right myself.

I wish someone had told me

My brokeness isnt a prove i was empty but a transformation to someone i never knew existed in me.

Yes i have my opinions but that doesnt mean i am always right.

The fact i know so many people doesnt mean i have a friend.

Yes family is suppose to be blood tide, but family isnt always about blood.

That yes there is beauty in those tears that rolled down my cheeks.

That yes letting go hurts but its the best decision i ever made.

That the term being successful is defined by myself and i should never measure upto anyones success.

Back to reality, i  owned the story and was proud of it.


Dealing with Disappointments..

I remember growing up, i was drilled to celebrate my success and also my failures. As a matter of fact i was thought to pay more attention to my failures other than my success. I also remember when i randomly asked my mum why because it was really unbearable to me and she said* we often celebrate success forgeting the motivate or drive behind it, when we do we will realize that we ought to keep that motive and drive alive*.

I really didnt think i got the answer i wanted.

Now im older,im wiser and more experienced indeed the failures and disappointments are stepping stones.

Someone told me great experiences and breakthroughs are as a result of great disappointments.. i was like *hun*??? Pardon… why will i wait to be greatly disappointed when i can avoid it?

My dad always tells me the easiest way to be broken, disappointed and feel like a nobody is when you depend on someone. Yes that theory has been proven but hey it doesnt matter who you thought should be there but disappointed you, you have to dust yourself and get back up.

It doesnt matter what men see as impossible in you, Gods plan will surely prevail.

Often times we expect so much from people that when they dont reach our expectations we feel disappointed. The truth is are willing to do that which we expect and got disappointed?

If its possible then why dont you get you and do it instead of waiting for someone or having high hopes.

We all have had disapointments in the past or present, we all have encountered failures, we all have had that moment where throwing in the towel seems to be the best option. After all said and done, its time to use that experience to build that which youve always wanted, something you will look back and say how did i get out of it..

This will be so much easier when you are valid in your own skin, accept your failures, disapointments,own them but not too long. 

Free them so you can be free, often times we never know the weight on us until we let go of so many things…

Finally,life is full of suprises, suprise your fears with a turn around of faith, hope and believe.

You will be glad YOU DID.☺☺


Still Becoming?

A very late post i forgot to upload and it just popped up.. It was actually blogged about since december 2015 but posted october 2016… Life of a *Once a While Blogger*😑😑😑..

2015, where do i begin??

365 days of lessons wowww… It seems like a movie,almost like i got my life summarized in a page but at the end of it all i get to say thank you for the awesome lessons, i indeed passed all life examinations given it me because i became stronger for 2016.

   Even if i decide to forget all things learn, a question i cant forget is

*Joy are you a blessing or a lesson*?  Yes i know that everyone we meet is our teacher because that person teaches us something we have no idea about.

So what type of teacher have i been? The one that dispenses blessings or gives a whole note of lessons?

The expectations of man gets unnecessary high which often leads to great disappointment.

But when we have the ultimate confidence and acceptance of ourselves whole heartedly we can indeed have high expectations which often leads to great exploits, we can say that the lessons we learnt made us agents of blessings.

It isnt pride, its knowing your worth.

2016 kicked off well, hopefully for us all.

Hoping that before the year rolls out of which it is already..

We all will look at ourselves and feel the sense of completion not in knowing we have acheived so much but on knowing that we have accepted ourselves whole heartedly.

Hoping that we will look into the eyes of others and give them love and reassure them that they also have a spot on earth.

Hoping we give people peace with our words.

Hoping we feel confidence; safety and stability when the word love is mentioned.

Hoping we all become whole enough to surrender to the promise of love.

Hoping our fears are being kept at bay and our possibilites are entertained.

2016 is just an assurance that something new wont hurt..

And hoping at the nend we look back and say indeed this is an evidence that all things worked for our good..

How is your 2016 so far??

Shes Rare


“She knew she wasnt ordinary”.

She knew she was an assest and an influencer, she knew she could do better because she wasnt comfortable with the present.

Oh the thought that keeps reminding her that she is a world changer.

But then,there was this tiny voice she was finding hard to defeat that keeps taking in her head asking her and telling her she wasnt worthy of any.

She always saw that proverbs 31 woman in her,but she doubts if she really is.

Then the voice of her mind spoke,yes you can be all you want to be,all you need to be that is inside you and cant be taken out.

Then she realized that she has to let go of what she thought was and focus on what really is,she has to let go of her past success and failures knowing fully well that they have defined her enough.

She has to use her fears and doubts as stepping stones to becoming her,she has to let her pain go.

After she took the decision, she felt a whole lot was taken away from her,she didnt know she carried so much.

She then went back to the proverbs 31 woman and she realized that woman is rare, that woman maximized every potiential placed in her.

She asked “Is it going to be only about the proverbs 31 woman? What of the proverbs 31 man?

Then she remembers that she ought to meet her requirment of her requurment,then she will attract her worth.

Being successful isnt all about acquiring degrees or having a fat bank accounts if you ask me. Its all about finding fulfillment in what you do, knowing fully well that it can be used for a purpose greater than you. Its about maximizing your potientials in various ways.

Personally i think of women as being successful irrespective of what the woman has been through. They are multitaskers combining all in one,they are ordinary creatures but their actions arent.

A quick check

Ask yourself

Look deep

Search within, what is that potiential that has been calling but you keep declining?

Your present is your history that will be discussed in the future, make it memorable.


So few weeks back i got a mail from this person i havent met yet and for some reasons the person decided to share some personal experience that he has been through.. 

Long story short,everyone is fighting a battle you know nothing about,be kind to people.

I was amazed when he said hes been following  my updates and all, thanks to all who do, you inspire me in ways you have no idea.

I personally know better that happiness is a decision not an event. When you wake up in the morning, you plan out your day do you create a schedule to be happy? I think most of us just take the day as it comes. True we should accept the day as it comes but i think you own your happiness.

What you own can only be managed properly by you. Life is way to short to live it pretending to be happy. A wise woman always tells me have a mind of your own and stand firm on your decisions, i didnt say getting what you want will come on a platter of gold but while you are being minned to get it, stay focused and happy because at the end no one remembers the days you were sad. 

The older i get, its real. 

Someone might probably be asking how can i be happy with someone or a situation that is making me or made me bitter?

Being genuily happy comes from true forgivness, accepting the person or situation and looking for the way forward. Easy to say , hard to do…. Noo.

There is no freedom in bitterness. 

I wish and hope that we all find our happiness restored, refreshed and redefined.

Little Things That Turn Out Big

Its been an awesome experience I tell you, I was +1 few weeks back and I remember someone popped up the question.. Joy in your own little experience what will you say life has taught you in your past few years? I reluctantly smiled but that question stayed in my frontal lobe of cerebral cortex..

As if that wasn’t enough I know getting into a new year we all have goals ohh well, it was good getting into this new year and honestly I had no goal other than bettering myself and that has been the same goal since 2 years back but i know one major thing is that i TRUST MY JOURNEY..

2 decades plus and counting I know its defiantly not my doing and it keeps reminding me that there is an unaccomplished task that I alone can do ohh well that alone will make me do yanga and blush..

Getting down the older ages I will say I learnt

Never to let the vision of life scare me because all great things have a starting point and a story to it.

Never to let anyone’s insecurity interfere with how I view myself..

Honestly, fulfillment comes from having a life of balance and defining success in my own terms.

The funniest realization i embraced is that before I ask anyone for their opinion I’m always secure and validated in my skin first so I don’t get lost in the response I get.

Sometimes in trying to help people, I got cut in the process due to the persons brokenness  then I realize I need to give people time to heal and change on their own terms.

I pleaded with myself seriously to temper my expectations because I don’t expect someone to walk when they haven’t crawled , people only give what they have not what I envision..

I did learn to stand for myself..

We learn at each given opportunity..

I’m Jessyca Joy and I trust my JOURNEY..


Dealing with the Valentine’s blues

Well it is that time of the year again, a time many folks look forward to and also a time many folks dread.

It’s the season of LOVE… *big grin*.  It is Valentine’s and all the date ideas, couple getaways, heart shaped cakes, cards and spontaneous or (for some) planned engagements are set to pop up in no time.

All of this should make anyone happy but I find that, over the years, happiness is not the default emotion.

Valentine’s Day for some serves as a reminder that;

-They are still single despite their best efforts.

-They are newly single or,

-They are in a disconnected and unstable relationship.

It is perfectly okay to long to be with someone and have them show you acts of love and vice versa, however you should not allow the fact that you do not have what you want “YET” steal your joy…

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Let Go and Let Him

There comes a time in our lives when we have to let go of our thoughts, wishes and desires. We have to let things happen naturally not because we want them that way but because they ought to happen.


A natural process can not be hidden, it will surley find way of expressing itself.

One cant embark on the journey of Becoming without Faith, Patience and Love.

You must have Faith in God and yourself always. Whatever you have tried to make work and isnt, you should let it be. Let God have his way, always remember, whatever God is part of, he supports. Letting go is so easy to say but one of the haddest mission to accomplish. When you do, you will be glad you did.

Becoming you, needs your Patience. After you let go, you are left with the question what next?? Or the way things might unfold will make u regret letting go.

Nahh, dont regret.. its the best decision youve taken on Becoming…Be patient enough for what you deserve and always be ready to let go of anything that no longer measures upto your worth.

Leave an open heart always, letting go doesnt mean  you should be a shell. You let go because you know the best will come. Always be expectant and be positive.

Its okay to be pained, let go of it and you will find so much freedom.

Most importantly, let go of your desires and let Gods will find expression in you.



Precious Moments.

The joy of every moment………………….

Moments are unique, moments are precious.. one moment you learn something the other moment you loose something. One moment someone steps into your life the next moment someone walks out.

Lets appreciate every moment by making it count, look at the bright side of every moment. Every moment has the river that floods it, what do we do before the river floods?

Based on our relationship with others, we should live every moment with joy and happiness. we wake up every day striving to be a better us, loving and appreciating our lives, looking at the bright side of life,,, hey never forget perfection shouldn’t be the goal being better each day should be.

Dont try to create someone, remember the person you want is in your head not in existence. Enjoy the moment with everyone. live laugh love.

God the ultimate creator of love and joy teaches us to take and live one day at a time. He taught us to live in the present not the future because he has passed through it already.

Never regret any moment, every moment is worth it. You are worth every moment……………………………………..